Policies & Warranty

Policies and Warranty

4Tech is a consolidated company in the field of technology consulting, software sales and licensing.

We work on the model (SAAS Software as Service) which is nothing more than the product generated to activate some software, gift cards, prepaid card or specific system created on demand with contracts signed directly with suppliers.


At 4tech, you have up to 7 days to communicate the cancellation of any order. Unlike other suppliers here, we accept the return of the goods with the payment refund occurring within 3 working days in case of cancellation within 7 days.


It is very rare to have problems with the products, but in case within the 30-day period, a new one will be sent automatically. Activation in multiple devices and the key blocked by multiple activations will be excluded from the warranty. After the purchase, you will receive instructions and information how to use the product correctly.



We have specialized technicians who can assist the customer before, during and even after the purchase, in cases of any doubts about installation, activation and even how to use the products. Support is provided by the most used communication channels such as Skype, WhatsUp, Telephone and email.

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